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How Our Classes Work

We offer Rebounding Classes as a hybrid service, meaning that we offer live classes, in both CPT & JHB along with concurrent online classes enabling you to join from anywhere, at any time.


Can’t make it to our in-person class? No problem, grab the Google Meet code which will be emailed to you, and join us from the comfort of your home.


We offer a ‘per class’ ticketing system earning you a HUGE discount, should you purchase a monthly class package.   

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Standard Rebound Session

High intensity classes done to awesome music.

Includes - sprint tracks, cardio, toning and strength.


The class concludes with a wonderful stretch.

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Tramps BOOM Classes

Same as the Standard Session but includes drum sticks that allow you to beat out all of your excess energy. 

Fantastic full body workout that allows you to lose yourself in afro-latin beats!

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Equilibrium Classes

Combines the work of rebounding with the strength and core abilities associated with pilates.

A slower and deeper burn as you work to find stability on the trampoline surface.

About Us

Offering a fun and exciting alternative option to fitness with online rebounding classes!

Performed in the open air (JHB & CPT) as well as concurrent online classes.

We offer group classes that accommodate various age groups and fitness levels.

It is about building up your fitness levels and improving your health overall.

Creating an environment of motivation, focus, support and fun. 

Meet The Team

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Former dancer, now qualified in Re-Bounding in the UK and South Africa..
Fitness has always been apart of my life,   to be honest It has never been easy for me to stay motivated, until I started training in Re-bounding my fitness level and general well being has become alot better.
Re -Bounding has changed the way I see fitness, it has become the most exciting part of my day.

“If your exercise is fun, it doesn’t feel like a workout”.

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Michelle is a fitness fanatic, currently studying to obtain her personal training certification with a specialisation in sports psychology, nutrition, online boot camp, group instructor and one on one training. Michelle is your go to for motivation to train and remain consistent she lives by the notion that a health body = a healthy mind.

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I've has always been an avid fitness and sporting enthusiast.
Spending most of my free time on the sports field or in the dancing studio. I spent many years as a professional dancer abroad and I have now brought my passion and love for fitness and movement into a business opportunity with my friends. 
The rebounding world is an exciting and impactful one and that is what drove me to bring this business to life with my partners. Seeing the faces of our clients who have completed a class and pushed themselves beyond their limits is exactly what I live for.

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