Frequently Asked Questions

What do i have to bring to a class?

You should wear sneakers, bring a towel and a bottle of water. We supply the trampoline, the music and the good time! If you have non-slip rebounding shoes you are welcome to wear them! We don't allow anyone to do our classes in socks or barefoot bothe for safety and health reasons

How often can I attend with a Monthly Pass ticket?

A monthly pass ticket gets you entry into AS MANY classes as you desire to attend for that month

I am nervous, will i be fit enough?

Our classes are filled with people all over the fitness spectrum. We have first-timers in class with the ladies and gents who have been with us from the beginning. We guarantee you will never be made to feel uncomfortable, you will be encouraged to push yourself and surpass your own physical limits in a supportive, fun environment. we always start our classes by saying: "If you get tired, take a breather, and come back, it doesn't matter how many times you take a break, what matters is that you come back every time."

Can I attend if I’m pregnant ?

You can of course join if you are pregnant, as long as you were exercising before you were pregnant it is completely safe to do our rebounding classes up until the day you give birth. Studies have shown tha rebounding can improve circulation for both mom and baby, enhance lymphocyte activity to boost immunity and provide low impact, effective workouts

I have a little one, what is the age limit to join the class?

We love having the little ones in class with us and they get super excited to join too. we allow little one's as young as 3 years old to join our classes as long as mommy or daddy is accompanying, and as long as they have the correct attire they are most welcome to join in and attend the classes.

Is this class just for women?

Absolutely not! Our classes are opena and available to both men and women and are equally challenging for both, so bring your partner, sons, hubby, boyfriend or dad.